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Andreas M. Antonopoulos - Mastering Bitcoin

Written by Computer Scientist and blockchain educator Andreas M. Antonopoulos.
One of the most informative and in depth books about Bitcon and blockchain. It goes in depth covering all technical aspects of Bitcoin blockchain.
If you want to know all ins and outs of how Bicoin blockhain works on the backend, how are transactions created and transmitted , what do miners do and how the consensus is reached or what does cryptography has to do with securing the network this baby is for you.

Highly recommended position for all developers and tech geeks wanting to know blockchain from the technical point of view.

Saifedean Ammous - The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard The decentralized alternative to central banking is one of the most important books about history of money that includes emergence of Bitcoin - digital currency based on blockchain technology. With invention of blockchain humanity gained new ways of movement of value through digital media. Saifedean Ammous gives full overview of the history of money from Rai stones on Yap Island through adoption of rare metals like gold and silver as forms of money or store of value, continuing with paper money that lost its backing by hard assets in the 70s and finally explaining the revolutionary invention of digital money. It clearly presents properties such as stock to flow ratio, or discusses money in context of time preference.
Highly recommended to those who wants to know what has sound money to do with individual freedom or what is Bitcoin good for?

Nathaniel Popper - Digital Gold

Technology reporter writing for NY Times Nathaniel Popper gives insight into the history of blockchain and Bitcoin. This book is a thrilling story of people involved in creating entirely new ecosystem that at its core enabled people to transact without a middleman using "Magic Internet Money". From this book you can learn the names of people that are important to growth of blockchain and Bitcoin around the world. Easy to read with rather non technical approach to the subject of blockchain.
One of the must reads for the curious minds wanting to know who is who and how did the magic internet money became an international success.

How Money Got free - brian patrick eha book

Brian Patrick Eha - How Money Got Free

How money got free Bitcoin and the fight for the future of finance is yet another book looking at the pioneers of the invention of Bitcoin among whom there are cypthographers, entrepeneurs, self-taught hackers, members of the Cypherpunk movement, idealists or technologists. It tells the story of early days of Bitcoin and the companies built around it such as wallet providers, exchanges facilitated trading like Mt Gox. This is a history of boom and bust cycles that accompanied the growth of one of the most promising assets in the digital era that is based on blockchain technology. Brian Patrick Eha wrote a book that is over 400 pages long and provides readers with interesting description of vital events that took place around the world to facilitate expansion of the global phenomena that we now know as Bitcoin.